Chairman's Desk


Business does not proceed in straight line. The best of plans, meticulously plotted to the last detail, can be put to the test by unexpected events. With due deliberation, we have set an audacious goal for Leela Ship Recycling : To be one of the world's most valuable ship recycling yard. By aiming higher, we hope to achieve bigger things.

We live in a fast-moving world where speed is everything. A hundred percent perfection commendable goal, but we will achieve it only by becoming entirely irrelevant in a fast-pace environment. We cannot stand still. We have to act. Growth is limited only by our mindset, our ability to innovate and create differentiation in the marketplace. If we live by our convictions, we can do almost anything that we set out to do.

Chairman's Desk

Our management philosophy focuses unwaveringly on how we intend to create value for our company and its workers and in the long run conscious ship owners. The central tenet of our strategy is to define our customer value proposition and relentlessly refine our internal processes to deliver this value propositions to our sellers at the same time allotting the highest priority to the environment, health & safety.

"Leela Ship Recycling Yard" is a HKC-SOC and EUSRR-IV certified by ClassNK and IRQS. "Sarvag Shipping Services Yard" is a HKC-SOC and EUSRR-IV certified by RINA and IRCLASS.

The emerging markets of Ship Recycling are becoming increasingly competitive even as sellers here are becoming more environment conscious, sophisticated and demanding. In this light, the optimization of productivity linked with quality is critical for "LEELA", if our company is to continue its ascent international rankers. Finally we as ship recyclers require the combined support and encouragement from ship owners selling their beauties for recycling to Indian yards since ship recycling work purely on their own sinning strength any government aid, grants or subsidies.

Group Chairman

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